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One Word: Jimmy Butler recalls Kawhi Leonard’s buzzer beater in Game 7 playoffs


The Philadelphia 76ers could have been in the Eastern Conference Finals if it wasn’t for Kawhi Leonard’s lucky buzzer-beater bounce which allowed the Toronto Raptors to advance up to the Finals, which they would eventually win too.

Jimmy Butler, who used to play for Philadelphia 76ers, recalled that moment just like it was only yesterday — and he had one thing to say about Kawhi’a shot.

F*ck,” Butler said on Instagram live when asked by WNBA star Sue Bird and soccer star Megan Rapinoe.

“The crazy part is, when it hit the rim I was underneath it, and I was like ‘this shit is going in.'”

At least Butler is now currently signed in a four-year, $142-million deal with Miami Heat and not only is he happy with the team, but the fit and chemistry is all favorable to him too.