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Pacman 2.0? Pacquiao’s son knocks down foe in boxing match


by Miles Morales

It appears that we do not need to look any further for the next Manny Pacquiao when the Filipino boxing icon finally decides to retire for good.

Emmanuel Pacquiao Jr. aka Jimuel, the eldest of Manny Pacquiao’s five kids, seemed to be on his way to following his dad’s footsteps.

There have been several videos on social media showing the 18-year-old displaying his boxing skills.

In a clip uploaded by Joven Sports Promotions’ Facebook page, Jimuel can be seen sparring for two rounds against another aspiring boxer.

Just like his father, Jimuel also has the same relentless instinct atop the boxing ring as he kept charging at his opponent.

Although not yet a polished boxer, Jimuel was able to knock down Lucas Carson in the 2-round bout.