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Pacquiao-Mayweather II rematch, remains on hold according to Justin Fortune


It looks like the sequel of Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. this December might not happen.

Just only a week after the two of the most influential boxers agreed on a rematch during their encounter in Tokyo, the American boxer suddenly changed his plans, saying that he has an event in Tokyo as well.

According to Pacman’s strength and conditioning coach Justin Fortune, he also remains doubtful regarding their anticipated rematch.

“Who knows what’s Floyd’s talking about. Floyd doesn’t even know what Floyd is talking,” said Fortune in an interview with Villainfy media.

“It would be great if it does it’s a good fight, a good TV fight, people will still want to see it and there’s still some ridiculous money for both fighters to be made. So why not?”

Mayweather posted a post-training selfie on Instagram where it seems that he is preparing for a big event.

“Not bad for one week of training #UNDEFEATED,” he said.

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Not bad for one week of training #UNDEFEATED

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Meanwhile, Pacquiao will still push through in his return this December where he will defend his welterweight title.