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Pagaling Ka Muna! Journalist goes off at Trae Young for trashing talent evaluators


Trae Young thinks that the NBA executives are sleeping on him.

The Atlanta Hawks star reacted on HoopsHype’s poll for NBA talent evaluators regarding which players under 25 they’d build their franchise around.

Young did not receive any votes from the talent evaluation team, which is why he deemed HoopsHype’s article as ‘clickbait’.

However, HoopsHype writer Michael Scotto thought that the result were as it is, and he told the first-time All Star to use it as motivation.

“I gave a list with top players under 25, including your name, to the 15 combined GMs, execs, and scouts. They didn’t vote for you. I was surprised just like you were, but that’s how they voted,”

“Use it as motivation! The story’s not clickbait.”

Young has averaged 29.6 points and 9.3 assists in just his second season, but the Hawks were second to the last in the Eastern Conference standings.