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Pants on fire: Chot Reyes says Fiba wrong, denies ordering Gilas rumble


By Mark Patriarca

Most of the individuals that were handed out with sanctions have already accepted their fate, including Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas which received a hefty fine of over P13 million. But Gilas coach Chot Reyes believes otherwise.

On a statement released on his Twitter account (@coachot), he elaborated that he had never commanded or instructed his players to hurt anyone during the game. This is in response for FIBA’s ruling of him ‘inciting an unsportsmanlike behavior’ resulting to a one-game ban and a fine of 10,000 CHF (P 537,136 ).

Here is the full statement of coach Reyes regarding the FIBA verdict.

But does he really not have any liability during the scuffle enough for a one-game suspension and a fine?

Let’s take a look back and check how did coach Reyes responded during the altercation.

One thing that made waves after the brawl was coach Chot saying “hit somebody, put somebody on their arse” which he implied as a basketball term to match the physicality of the Boomers.

But FIBA did not spare that comment and still decided to punish the long-time Gilas coach.

It is also important to note the huge discrepancy of Gilas personnel that partake in the brawl that resulted to 10 players and two coaching staff being suspended, while three only from the Aussie’s side.

You can see how the Australian bench were pacified to prevent further blowout in the heated exchange.

SBP and coach Reyes can still appeal the verdict within 14 days after it was announced, but with an incident like this, it’s best to move forward and let time take care of the healing process.