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Patola sa mascot! Devin Booker starts beef with Raptors mascot


A rivalry of the decade.

Phoenix Suns superstar Devin Booker got into a verbal altercation with the Toronto Raptors mascot, The Raptor, while shooting free throws.

Although Booker both made his free throws and the Suns eventually got away with a 99-95 win over Toronto, The Raptor almost sike Booker out during his first attempt at the foul line.

Booker then complained to the officials, and the mascot was sent to the corner. Imagine, there were no fans inside the arena.

After the game, the two-time All Star changed his Twitter profile picture to a photo of The Raptor kneeling in the corner after being sent away by the officials.

The Raptor responded with a new profile pic of his own, which is a shot of himself distracting Booker during the free throws.

Classic rivalry!