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PBA bans Arwind Santos’ signature ‘Monkey Ride’


On Tuesday, the Philippine Basketball Association released a memorandum stating that the ‘Monkey Ride’, or hanging for too long onto the rim after a dunk, is now banned. San Miguel Beermen Arwind Santos has been known to favor this move, which his fans adore and look forward to.

According to the memo signed by Commissioner Willie O. Marcial, “A player may hang on to the ring, backboard or its support, to prevent injury to himself or another player with no penalty; a player may hang on momentarily to the basket rim after a dunk; a player, however, who hangs onto the rim after a dunk and places either or both of his feet onto the backboard, shall be assessed with an unsportsmanlike technical foul.”

This has led Santos’ teammates into making satirical comments regarding to what has been dubbed as the “Spider-man” move.

In a twitter conversation by Alex Cabagnot and Chris Ross, Cabagnot tweeted, “Free Spider-Man!” to which Ross replied with “Let spidey, spidey lol”. Cabagnot exclaimed, “If he still continues, Spidey will be the Jordan of PBA. The NBA banned his shoes but he still wore it.”

There’s still no reaction from Santos, so fans just have to watch out on the court whether he’ll continue his trademark or not. (Janiel Abby Toralba)