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EJ Obiena on PATAFA’s allegations of not paying his coach: Magreretiro ako!


Filipino pole vaulter EJ Obiena threatened to consider “immediate” retirement from the sport saw him achieve massive success.

The ultimatum came after the Philippine Athletics Track and Field Association (PATAFA) accused the 26-year old of falsifying liquidation reports and failing to pay his coach Vitaly Petrov of his monthly salary.

In a report by Philippine Daily Inquirer, PATAFA has ordered Obiena to return 85,000 Euros or more than P4 million worth of financial assistance, which was supposed to be Petrov’s compensation.

Obiena held a press conference, along with his Ukrainian coach, to deny all the charges and present proofs that the latter received his monthly stipend.

If the current does not see a resolution, the Tokyo Olympian will consider walking away from the sport that he loves.

“The only resolution to this now, is a full and public withdrawal of investigation, and a full public apology from the authorities involved in this,” said Obiena on Sunday.

“If this does not happen, I will consider my other options, being an immediate retirement from the sport that I love in the Philippines, and probably return to school. As much as I believe, there is more for me to achieve, I am also evaluating other options in the field of sports, which I may or may not disclose in a latter date.”