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PH fans pay tribute to Manu Ginobili’s legacy


Manu Ginobili’s contribution and legacy in basketball will always be remembered in differents parts of the world – and the Philippines is one of those country who gave tribute to the Father of Euro Step.

PH fans took on Twitter to pay respect for the Spurs legend one last time, appreciating Manu’s influence to their basketball lives.

The Argentinian baller announced his retirement on Monday (Tuesday in Manila time), ending his career with the franchise for 16 seasons including a four NBA championships in his accolades.

“Today, with a wide range of feelings, I’m announcing my retirement from basketball. IMMENSE GRATITUDE to everyone (family, friends, teammates, coaches, staff, fans) involved in my life in the last 23 years,” Ginobili said on Twitter.

“It’s been a fabulous journey. Way beyond my wildest dreams.”