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PSC plans to hold Women in Sports confab in 2020


MANILA – The Philippine Sports Commission (PSC), in partnership with Australia-based Filipino coach Patricia Puzon, is planning to conduct Women in Sports (WIS) Conference next year, a PSC official announced on Thursday.

PSC Oversight Commissioner for Women Celia Kiram said the conference was broached during the WIS leadership and coaching seminar held at the Century Park in Manila from July 15 to 18.

“We want to reach and help more Filipina coaches. We at the Philippine Sports Commission are more than willing to do so,” Kiram said in a statement.

Kiram said she and PSC Chairman William Ramirez have envisioned ‘larger program” for women in sports in the country with the goal of developing more women coaches.

Puzon, who is the current head coach of MAC’s Crankit Tennis Academy (MCTA) in New South Wales, Australia, said an initial proposal will be submitted to the PSC to push through the conference.

“I am very thankful to the PSC for having this initiative for the betterment of our women in sports. I am excited for this development,” Puzon said.

More than 150 national coaches, trainers, and local government sports representatives attended the WIS leadership and coaching seminar where they learned the fundamentals of coaching and the importance of communication skills and working with athletes.