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Racal Tile Masters subdue Topstar



Racal Tile Masters asserted control in second quarter to thwart Topstar Z.C. Mindanao, 102-83, earning their second win in the 2016 PBA D-League Foundation Cup.

The Tile Masters opened the salvo struggling to stop the early offensive flight of the Aguilas, 3-14. Topstar scored 18 points from the downtown in the first quarter while Racal managed to keep the first frame on striking distance, 20-25.

Racal continued to trail in the second quarter until they dropped a 13-0 bomb to steal the lead from Topstar and ended the first half in their favor, 51-38.

Jonathan Grey led Racal with 20 points, one assist and three steals while Phillip Paniamogan added 16 points.

Racal stands with 2-1 win-loss record and will face Blustar Detergent on June 21.