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Ravena claims bragging right despite being victimized by Malonzo’s poster jam


Thirdy Ravena has been known for being a highlight machine for his insane hops.

This time, however, he ended up at the wrong side of a highlight reel.

La Salle’s one-and-done forward Jamie Orme-Malonzo made his presence known in UAAP, as he soared for a two-handed pump slam over Ravena.

To add insult to injury, the Filipino-American Malonzo just taunted Ravena, who also happened to have a bad game for himself as he only tallied six points and two rebounds.

None of that mattered for the Ateneo forward, as the team would go on with an 81-69 victory.

“It’s a play. Two points. We won the game. Doesn’t matter,” Ravena said.

“It happens. You get blocked, you get dunked on. Part of the game.”

The 22-year-old newcomer would admit that he got carried away with his dunk.

“(I was) very emotional. You know, the fans and stuff probably got into my head,” Malonzo shared.

“I sort of let the emotions get the best of me, but it’s just the game of basketball. In itself, it was a good play.”

Nonetheless, Malonzo definitely outmatched Ravena with his 18 point-10 rebound performance, and that is something that he could be proud of.