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Remembering preseason dunk contest of Vince Carter and Tracy Mcgrady


Days after Vince Carter celebrated his birthday, the NBA honored the legendary player with a rare footage of the 1999 preseason dunk contest.

Raptors teammates and cousins Vince Carter and Tracy Mcgrady hyped up the crowd with their immeasurable and unforgettable dunks in one of the greatest dunk contests in NBA history.

Though Vince Carter won the 2000 NBA Slam Dunk Contest in Toronto, Canada, it was a shared spotlight between him and Mcgrady.

Both Carter and Mcgrady wowed the audience with their gravity-defying moves. Carter did a 360-reverse dunk that made the whole arena stand up and cheer. “I felt like I could jump to the moon,” he reminisced.

The amazing feats didn’t stop there. He also did what he dubbed the “elbow dunk”, where he slammed down the ball and stuck his arm into the rim and dangled on it. Carter mentioned that he did it to wow the crowd to the point where it would be silent in the arena, and he did not disappoint.

McGrady marked off his best dunk of the night with a spinning two-handed dunk out of a self alley-oop. His impressive execution earned a perfect 50 points.

Fans have truly missed these classic dunks by Carter and Mcgrady, and are hoping for a wild, show-stopping NBA Slam Dunk Contest on February 17 (Manila time). (Janiel Abby Toralba)