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Ricci Rivero Feels Vindicated With ‘Negative’ Drug Test Results


Ricci Rivero has finally addressed the rumors of drug use and his alleged association with gay benefactors.

While the DLSU Green Archer has been on hot water after controversies arise during his leave on the basketball squad, Rivero released the results of his voluntary drug tests, taken last January 20, to clear his name.

The test revealed that the DLSU star is negative to all types of substance including Methamphetamine, Cocaine, and other banned drugs.

In his lengthy statement posted on Twitter, Rivero also said that he never took drugs – and will never try it.

Meanwhile, the Rivero family showed their support for Ricci’s move.

Recently, the DLSU had barred their players from engaging on endorsement deals to have them focus on the sport. Rivero, together with his brother Prince, and Brent Paraiso have been on leave from the DLSU men’s basketball team to honor their prior endorsement deals.