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Rockets’ James Harden not amused with no-calls in Game 1 vs GSW


James Harden and the rest of the Houston Rockets were not happy with several calls or its lack thereof in the Game 1 of the semifinals in the Western Conference against the defending champions Golden State Warriors.

This has been the buzz of the town regarding their first match-up, with the Warriors winning 104-100, Monday (Manila time).

“I just want a fair chance, man,” told Harden in the post-game interview. “Call the game how it’s supposed to be called and that’s it and I’ll live with the results.”

The MVP certainly does have a point, especially since every call being made is crucial not only to the pointing system but also the flow of the game. Furthermore, ABC officiating analyst Steve Javie noticed that the referees missed some important calls. These officials did not call fouls on Warriors defending the Rockets shooting threes in a tight distance and not giving them a landing space.

Rockets also claimed that these referees made these no-calls at least more than six times.

What’s worst was Chris Paul and head coach Mike D’Antoni were both given technicals for complaining with the no-call in a three-point attempt of Paul. D’Antoni revealed after the game that the refeeres told him they have missed four calls in the first two quarters of the game.

“They just came at halftime and said they missed them,” D’Antoni said. “They missed four of them. That’s 12 foul shots.”

The Rockets will surely be on guard not only with their opponents but with the officials too as Game 2 of their match-up begins on Wednesday (Manila time) with the Warriors leading the series by one. (Janiel Abby Toralba)