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Ross defends Romeo Game 2 outburst: ‘He has the right to do that’


Miles Morales

While some may have criticized Terrence Romeo’s disrespectful behavior in Game Two of the 2019 PBA Philippine Cup Finals between the San Miguel Beermen and Magnolia Hotshots last Friday, his teammate Chris Ross fully understands and defended his action.

Romeo was booted out of the game with 6:23 left to play due to back-to-back technical fouls for disrespectfully addressing lead official Peter Balao.

Ross then backed up Romeo, who has been known for his fiery attitude.

“Terrence felt like he got fouled, and I thought he got fouled too. He released his frustrations. Luckily, it was a big lead and it didn’t affect the game,” said Ross moments after the game, which the Beermen won, 108-101.

“He has the right to do that because it was an obvious foul. I thought it was an obvious foul. Terrence thought that it was an obvious foul. And they were doing it the whole fourth quarter.”

For Ross, the SMB family simply allows of their members to be themselves, since they know that the uniqueness of individuals makes the players the best that they can be.

“Some players need to play with their emotions. Terrence is an emotional player and that brings the best out of him. That is what we preach in our team, to be themselves. Adapt to the team but be yourself,” he said.

“Bring your personality and we will welcome you.”

Moreover, Ross defended Romeo, saying that he has been nothing but a good teammate since he came on board.

“Terrence has been amazing since he has been in our team. He has been a great teammate, he listens.”