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Rudy Gobert urges everyone to take COVID-19 seriously


Rudy Gobert said that he wish could have taken the worsening case of COVID-19 “more seriously” on his video greeting.

The Utah Jazz center, who was first NBA player to get infected with coronavirus, made an update on his condition right now during his isolation.

“I wish I would have taken this thing more seriously and I hope everyone else will do so because we can do it together,” Gobert said in a video greeting uploaded on NBA’s official social media accounts.

Before the French baller was diagnosed with coronavirus, he joked around the media regarding the coronavirus outbreak by touching every microphone and recorder in front of him.

Gobert pledged to donate $500,000 (over 25 million pesos) to the employees of Vivint Smart Home Arena and to the healthcare services of Utah, Oklahoma, and France.