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Russel Escoto heads to Boracay for romantic getaway — not for ‘Bora Cup’


While some PBA fans might say that Boracay is the homecourt of ‘Bora Cup’, this island has an undeniable charm that keep athletes (and lovers) coming back.

On Russell and Ingrid Escoto’s first year anniversary together, the couple had a relaxing and romantic weekend in Bora by walking barefoot along White Beach’s powdery sand.

Late anniversary celebration with my wife ❤ I love you so much @ingrid.escoto thank you for everything.

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Seeing you happy means everything to me 😍 I love you @russelescoto ❤ 4.2 to forever! I got yo’ back 😜

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TYL Moment ❤

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The Mahindra Floodbuster rookie also tried parasailing together with wifey for some adrenaline rush.

Well, the view alone is all worth it. Happy anniversary!

Great experience! @russelescoto ❤❤❤ Even better to have shared it with the Maningdings ❤ @alelicm @ulym

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