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Ryan Araña explains side on technical foul


Ryan Araña provided a comic relief in a heated Sunday game by dealing with a brotherly bond – turned technical foul.

The match between the Rain or Shine Elasto Painter and the GlobalPort Batangpier was so physical that a number of scuffles happened.

During a commotion involving Kelly Nabong and Maverick Ahanmisi, Araña was seen playfully wiping the sweat of his former teammate, Beau Belga, on his face.

Though he did not do anything wrong, he was then charged with a technical foul for leaving the bench and entering the playing court.

In a Twitter post, the cager said that he’s only showing some love to his former teammate.

The Rain or Shine lost the game 90-96.

Ouch. That’s the price he pay for showering some TLC.