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‘S*** on a shoe* Trevor Booker reveals the most unprofessional NBA team


Trevor Booker just dropped a truth bomb on this NBA Team.

The former NBA journeyman revelaed that the Washington Wizards has its fair share of childish antics according to his confessions on HoopsHype podcast.

“It was the most terrible team that I’ve probably been on, but it was probably the most fun I’ve ever had in the NBA,” he shared.

Booker even revealed that this player took a dump on someone’s shoe as part of a prank.

“I would come into the locker room the day of a game and watch one player cut up the suit of another player. One guy took a s— in another guy’s shoe. Oh my goodness, I have stories for days,” Booker revealed.

“We would go on the road and we would break into each other’s room and beat a player up, tie him up. There’s so many stories I got from those Washington days. It was so much fun, but looking back on it, oh my goodness. It was so unprofessional.”