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Scam Alert! Mina Aganon Warns Followers on Credit Card Modus


Identity theft is much broader. Good thing, Mina Aganon knows better.

The Foton’s do-it-all spiker shared her phone conversation to an alleged banker who keeps on asking for her credit card information. Oooops! We’ll stop there.

Definitely a red flag.

Credit card fraudsters a few details about you and your account because of stolen information so we must always be vigilant.

“guys ingat sa scam, may tumawag sakin na unknown number and then taga bpi daw sila at free na daw ang annual charges ng credit card ko,and then tinatanong ang details ng card ko. so di ko sinagot hanggang pinasa ako sa “manager” nya siguro kuno. akala nyo maiisahan nyo ako ha,” says Aganon on her tweet.