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Scottie Pippen reacts violently to ‘MJ The Last Dance’


Scottie Pippen had some problems with Chicago Bulls teammate Michael Jordan regarding the “The Last Dance” documentary.

According to a radio segment in ESPN, Piopen didn’t appreciate how MJ portrayed him during their Bulls run in The Last Dance.

ESPN’s David Kaplan also described that the Bulls forward was “livid” and “very angry” due to the fact that Jordan said that he was soft.

It was in the 2nd episode that MJ called his elite sidekick as “selfish’” because of his decision to delay his ankle surgery, which caused him to sit out in the middle of the 1997-98 season.

Jordan also threw some shade to Pippen’s bad performance in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Detroit Pistons due to his migraine.

“[Pippen] felt like up until the last few minutes of Game 6 against the Jazz [in the 1998 NBA Finals], it was just ’bash Scottie, bash Scottie, bash Scottie,’ ” Kaplan explained in “Kap and Company” in ESPN 1000.