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Scottie Pippen’s ex-wife responds on involvement with Malik Beasley’s cheating allegations


Numerous photos of Minnesota Timberwolves guard Malik Beasley hanging out with Larsa Pippen, wife of NBA legend Scottie Pippen, were leaked on social media.

The images apparently “blindsided” Beasley’s wife, Montana Yao, which prompted her to file a divorce.

However on Larsa’s defense, she thought Malik was in the process of ending his marriage and she wasn’t doing anything wrong by hanging out with him.

She even took on Instagram story to address the issue.

“Don’t always trust what you see on social media. Even salt looks like sugar,” Pippen wrote.

Larsa and Scottie got married 1997, filed for divorce in 2016, then re-filed in 2018.

On the other hand, Beasley continues to attract controversies since he was recently charged with threats of violence and drug possession.