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Shaq makes bold prediction about Brooklyn Nets


The Brooklyn Nets has entered the NBA Bubble with a lack of manpower, but Shaquille O’Neal believes in the team’s playoff chances.

In a TNT segment with Candace Parker and Vince Carter, the Hall Of Famer/resident TNT analyst made a bold prediction that the Brooklyn Nets will advance in the second round of the postseason.

“Because there’s no home-court advantage and they will be playing in the ballroom, Brooklyn will advance to the second round. You heard it here first,” Shaq said.

Shaq even explained that the absence of homecourt advantage will slightly favor the lower-seeded teams like Nets.

“With no clear-cut home-court advantage, emotions are going to be low and everybody knows they don’t have certain guys. That’s the toughest team to play, a team that you’re up for,” he bared.

The Nets will definitely miss the star duo of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant to recover from their respective injuries. Deandre Jordan and Wilson Chandler opted to join the bubble after contracting coronavirus disease, while Spencer Dinwiddie was advised by the team doctor to not join the team after he also tested positive with the deadly virus.

While Brooklyn currently holds the seventh seed with a 30-34, the playoffs seeding isn’t guaranteed yet, with the Orlando Magic (30-35) and Washington Wizards (24-40) also fighting for the spot.

However, no one could deny that Shaq made a good point regarding the matchups and situation with the NBA restart.