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Shaquille O’Neal will attend Chris Bosh’s jersey retirement ceremony


NBA legend and former Miami Heat center Shaquille O’Neal has informed the public that he will be present for Chris Bosh’s jersey retirement ceremony.

AP Basketball writer Tim Reynolds tweeted the announcement saying, “Shaquille O’Neal just said he will attend the Chris Bosh jersey retirement ceremony in Miami on March 26.”

Bosh and O’Neal have an unusual relationship way back 2009, when the former Raptors forward complained that O’Neal was “camping down the lane”, after the then-Suns center dominated the scoring board of that game.

Of course, O’Neal just had to have a stinging comeback by giving Bosh the nickname “RuPaul of the big men.”

The two legends have been roasting each other in Twitter ever since, and the fans are loving the entertaining and frankly juvenile barbs they pit against each other.

Bosh has played six of his 13 years in the NBA with the Heat, with back-to-back championships on 2012 and 2013, being one of the infamous “Big Three” with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.

However, the Miami Heat superstar missed the 2016-2017 season after suffering blood-clotting in his lungs which apparently appeared to be serious enough for him to be ruled out of playing for his team.

The Miami Heat announcement last February 4 of the retirement ceremony for Bosh’s No. 1 jersey came as sad news for the fans who will no longer see Chris Bosh play in the league. Bosh will become the fourth Heat player to have his jersey retired, alongside Tim Hardaway, Alonzo Mourning, and Shaquille O’Neal himself. (Janiel Abby Toralba)