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Shawn Kemp opens marijuana shop


Good vibes only for Shawn Kemp!

The Sonics legend opened his first marijuana shop in Seattle called “Shawn Kemp’s Cannabis” in Seattle, a city where he made a name in the NBA.

Numerous avid fans of the paraphernalia fell in line in Kemp’s newly-opened dispensary, and it says a lot about his latest business venture.

“Marijuana has been part of the Black community forever. This is putting a positive spin on it,” Kemp said.

Ironically, the six-time NBA All-Star was previously arrested twice in early 2000s for possession of marijuana. Nowadays, the NBA has been more lax in its view of cannabis.

“I think we’re finding out the cannabis to be valuable to us in a lot of different ways, whether it be through medicine or to athletic skills,” Kemp said. “And I think that’s why you see the NBA bending their rules and I think you’ll see several other leagues probably do the same.”