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Should PBA restore Fernandez-Guidaben-Victorino-Villamin rule to preserve parity?


Former PBA Commissioner Sonny Barrios believes that no player swap will be equally balanced between trading teams.

Barrios, who has close to 20 years experience in the PBA, said it was the prerogative of PBA Commissioner Chito Narvasa to approve or disapprove Kia’s decision to trade its No. 1 pick to for three veterak players and the 2019 first-round pick of San Miguel which used it to land Filipino-German sensation Christian Standhardinger in the 2017 draft/

“No trade is ever 100 percent even. As much as possible, the commissioner gives in to the wishes of the trading parties because after all, they’re consenting adults,” said Barrios in an interview with Philipine Star’s Quinito Henson.

Barrios recalled the controversial “protected list” rule adopted by then PBA Commissioner Rudy Salud in the mid-1980s keep dominant big men from playing together in one team to preserve parity in the six-team league.

“During the late commissioner Salud’s term, there was an agreement that Ramon Fernandez, Abet Guidaben and Manny Victorino could never play for the same team to preserve competitive balance in the league,” said Barrios. Yoyoy Villamin, the “Bicolano Superman” was later added on the protected list of players.

Fernandez, Guidaben, and Victorino were high scoring 6-5 centers while the 6-3 Villamin was a do-it-all, rugged scorer and defender.

“In Standhardinger’s case, you ask if the trade serves the best interest of the league considering the goal of parity. That’s just my opinion without prejudice to commissioner Chito’s prerogative,” said Barrios.

In San Miguel’s case, Fajardo is already a legend after having notched his 4th MVP plum while Standhardinger is a 28-year old rookie who has been used as the naturalized player of the Philippine national team in the absence of Andray Blatche.