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Sisi Rondina Reacts to ‘Homophobe’ and ‘DDS’ Accusation



Sisi Rondina tweeted about Itaewon Class, which prompted her to answer some questions of her fans about the hit Kdrama:

Everything’s fine until the Queen of Sands got triggered by a “yuck DDS” comment from a Twitter user (@shudu_koffi):

With that single tweet, the Cherry Bomb exploded with “HAHAHAHHAHA” reply upon the retaliation of a fan who said “yuck bakla” to the commenter.

In another tweet, the former UST Tigress chose not to explain her side on the alleged homophobia accusation of the commenter and kept silent on her political inclination. Instead, Rondina asked the basher on what’s the point of messing up her Itaewon tweet by replying with, “Ano pinaglalaban mo sa tweet kong ITAEWON? nanamay ka pa ng ibang tao. Kuya mag ingat ka ❤️ God Bless you!!! ❤️🙏🏻”