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Slowly but surely, Joaqui Manuel emerges as La Salle’s reliable wing


There is a reason on why Joaqui Manuel has always been inserted in La Salle’s starting lineup.

Not known for scoring on a consistent basis, the La Salle rookie finally had his breakout moment.

Manuel only scored career-high 10 points, but he became a huge part on the team’s 84-77 win against against NU.

The former Blue Eaglets buried a triple during the team’s 9-1 blitz down the stretch which became instrumental in La Salle’s victory.

“I expected nothing less from myself, and how I play right now. I think that I’ve put into work during offseason,” said Manuel.

For the younger Manuel, he knew that that he’ll make the basket once the ball was handed to him by Andrei Caracut.

“I was just there in the moment, and when Andrei passed me the ball I knew that it was a rhythm shot,” he claimed.

Which is why gave credit to his coaches and teammates for trusting despite being a rookie.

“I thank coach for trusting, and also my teammates for relying on me,” he explained.

Manuel knows that the future is bright for him, which is why he is out there to prove that he can do more for the team.

“I gotta work hard. I know I can do more that’s why I’m going to put on the work again.”