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Speculations on his retirement make Pacquiao sad: Hindi pa ako laos!


Senator Manny Pacquiao admits that talk of his retirement from boxing is making him unhappy.

In an interview with TV Patrol’s Noli de Castro, the 38-year old boxer believes that he is still far from saying goodbye to his childhood sport as his body “continues to feel young.”

“You know boxing is my passion. If I say I will retire, I feel sad. I have been boxing since I was a kid and I am used to waving our flag in otther countries,” said Pacquiao in Filipino. Pacquiao is in Australia for his July 3 fight with Australian boxer Jeff Horn.

“I want to prove inthis fight that Manny Pacquiao is old news. I proved in my last two fights (Jessie Vargas and Timothy Bradley Jr.) that it’s not yet time to say goodbye to boxing,” said Pacquiao.

Boxing promoter Bob Arum himself questioned if Pacquiao still has enough left in the tank at his age. “An athlete who reaches a certain age does not perform as well as he did when he was younger in his peak. The question is how old has Manny become?” the promoter asked.

But Pacquiao said that while the 29-year old Horn was younger, he doesn’t feel his body has become older with his age..

“Much younger? I’mnot worried about that bevacuse I have not cut corners in my training. I still feel the same I used to when I was younger. I cant still do things I’ve bdone when I was younger,” said Pacquiao.