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‘Spiderman’ storms PBA Finals


Miles Morales

A commotion marred Game Five of the PBA Philippine Cup Finals after a man dressed in a Spiderman costume entered the hardcourt during the heated Magnolia-San Miguela tiff.

Clips of the incident show the streaker may have hit San Miguel big man June Mar Fajardo during the commotion, but the man vehemently denied it after he was collared by Smart Araneta’s security.


was watching basketball when a man in spiderman costume runs off the court and bumps to several pba players wtf— #8YEARSWITHAPINK ✨ (@apinkxcho) May 10, 2019

The man was holding up a placard that read, ‘Vote Love, Love PBA, Love Philippines.’

After being apprehended, he told reporters that all he ever wanted to do is spread the message of love in this election season.

He was later brought to a nearby police station for questioning.

Another person collared near the SMB bench was later taken out of the floor by security men. It was not clear if he was a companion of the streaker.