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Started from the bottom: UE fencing team shows the way how to build a sports program



The strongest sport nation did not achieve colossal greatness in just creating a team out of talented pool and Philippines hopes to follow that lead as new PSC commissioner and legend Ramon Fernandez aims to start grass root program for the sports development of the country.

As a matter of fact, USA did not just rely in their economic power to improve basketball and football; Brazil did not just wait for their volleyball buds to bloom into an Olympic-dominant talent; Canada did not just let children watch and live in the hype of hockey. USA, Brazil and Canada became legendary countries for their respective sports through benefitting from their grass root program.

These countries were just three of the many nations who developed a system and built a sports-oriented program that will train prodigies and young citizens to become potential great athletes of the future.

In Philippines, University of the East Fencing Team actually puts into practice the grass root agenda. The team was composed of several fencers who were trained and exposed in rigid practices and tournaments at young age.

The effectiveness of the program was evident in UE’s record as the team notched its fourth consecutive all-division sweep in UAAP last season. Fencing was also one of the most active sports club in the country, joining several international competitions around Asia.

Given the right support from the government and a prudent financing, Fernandez’ vision of grass root program will yield to the country’s sports supremacy in years to come.