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Racal Tile Masters

Racal overpowers Blustar with 62-point win

Racal Tile Masters subdued Blustar Detergent Dragons, 122-60, in a wire-to-wire victory behind six players scoring double figures for the team in D-League Foundation Cup.

Café France works with the clock to topple AMA

Café France Bakers escaped the rallying AMA Online Education cagers in the fourth quarter with the help from the clock, 92-86, and bounced back in a favorable note after a loss against Tanduay Rhum Masters last week.

Racal Tile Masters subdue Topstar

Racal Tile Masters asserted control in second quarter to thwart Topstar Z.C. Mindanao, 102-83, earning their second win in the 2016 PBA D-League Foundation Cup.