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Synjin Reyes

Ly and friends watch ‘Ang Dalawang Mrs. Reyes’

It really pays off to be a star like Alyssa Valdez. You get invited to lots of stuff, and that includes block movie screenings. Salamat team Pugalamax ☝️naka angat angat na talaga sa buhay ang mga barkada ko. 😁may pa block screening…

Fille finds new career path

We have all grown familiar with Fille Cayetano’s moves inside the court: her buwis-buhay digs, graceful flight and powerful finish made her a popular name in Philippine volleyball.

Aly and crew are ‘IloiLost’

In case you are wondering where the Phenom is after her short Taiwan visit, Ella De Jesus might provide you with answers.

Valdez thirsts for downtime

Phenom and six-time UAAP MVP Alyssa Valdez never gets tired, but it doesn't mean that she doesn’t enjoy vacation.