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Tokyo Olympics

How the coronavirus has hit global sport

The Tokyo Olympics became the latest sporting casualty of the coronavirus pandemic on Tuesday following the decision to postpone the sporting extravaganza until next year.

Trump issues first call for postponing Olympics

US President Donald Trump came out Thursday as the first foreign leader to suggest delaying the Tokyo Olympics because of coronavirus, dropping a bombshell on his "good friend" Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

How the coronavirus has hit global sport

The International Olympic Committee insist that a potential cancellation or postponement of this year's Tokyo Olympics due to the global spread of the deadly coronavirus were "not mentioned" at a meeting of their Executive Board on…

Global sport heavily disrupted by coronavirus

The coronavirus is disrupting sport around the world with the MotoGP races in Qatar and Thailand postponed, a host of football matches put off to a later date and increasing concerns surrounding the Tokyo Olympics later this year.

Illa Santos Salutes KYK

Manila Santos-Ng is proud and happy for South Korea’s Kim Yeon-Koung as their team got qualified for the Tokyo Olympics.