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Tatz Suzara on women’s volley team: Nasa daang matuwid tayo


The national women’s volleyball team are on the right track despite its string of defeats in Thailand, according to Philippine National Volleyball Federation president Ramon “Tats” Suzara.

In a statement on Tuesday night, Suzara said that the defeats of Rebisco and Choco Mucho were expected after just barely two months of preparation but the players were showing promise.

“It’s the national team program’s first test, maybe it’s not yet the acid test, but the players’ overall performance in the tournament will show that we are starting on the right foot,” said Suzara.

“These are birth pains and baby steps,” he added. “Because of the lockdowns that are going on for some 19 months now, these ladies haven’t had a single, serious international exposure.”

“But we’ll get there,” Suzara further said. “What’s significant is that our coaches picked players who have the potential, skills and most importantly, the attitude and dedication to wear our country’s colors.”

Rebisco and Choco Mucho all dropped their four matches so far in the AVC tournament. The two Philippine-based teams will face each other on Wednesday in the classification round.