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The Legend is Back: Highlights from Pacquiao – Matthysse bout


By Mark Patriarca

At long last, the Philippine flag has been raised at the center of the stage once again as Pacquiao turns back the hands of clock and masterfully rips former WBA welterweight champion Lucas Matthysse at their much anticipated bout that turned out to be a one-sided affair.

The 39-year old fighting Senator makes his entrance, no worry can be seen on his face as he waves and smiles towards the thousand in attendance for his 69th career fight. His fight song? he ditched Katy Perry’s Roar this time and opts for something more familiar and embrace his inner Rocky Balboa spirit with Eye of the Tiger as he makes his way to the ring.

As a challenger, Lupang Hinirang (yes, it’s not Bayang Magiliw) was played first which was performed by pastors and female boxer Ali Forbes.

And so the fight begins, Pacquiao established early dominance in the first two rounds, throwing combinations after another to let Matthysse know that he still is the real deal.

Come 3rd round, Pacquiao finally scored his first knockdown in a long while, connecting with left uppercut to drop Matthysse on the floor.

The slumber party didn’t stop there as Matthysse once again grazes the canvas in the 5th on a surprising knockdown as he literally kneeled in front of Pacquiao with no significant hits that he received.

Still, the fight continues, Matthysse tried to heave haymakers in the 6th, and in the process caught Pacquiao below the belt.

It seems unintentional, however, Matthysse should have avoided hitting a former eight-time world champion in sensitive areas.

Come 7th, Pacman goes full berserk, unloading everything he can throw at the body and head of Matthysse. Matthysse tried to cling on dear life, but a vintage Pacquiao is just too much for his body to bear.

24 seconds remaining in the seventh, Pacman hunts the chin of Matthysse and connects with another left uppercut. Referee Kenny Bayless didn’t even wasted his energy to count, they knew it was over.

Pacquiao immediately rushed to his corner to celebrate his first knockout victory since 2009 when he dismantled Miguel Cotto.

The boxing fans inside the arena erupted, no one expected an inhuman performance coming from an almost 40-year old boxer.

And with that stellar performance, Pacquiao proves to doubters and naysayers that once a legend, will always be a legend.