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‘They Are Not Robots’ Tab Baldwin praises Blue Eagles’ heart and discipline


Season 82 for the Ateneo Blue Eagles has been nothing but flawless.

The Katipunan-based squad finished the eliminations round with an immaculate 14-0 record — which gave them an automatic Finals berth.

Despite being the heavy favorite to win the championship for the third straight year, Ateneo head coach Tab Baldwin does not want to let his guard down.

“We understand that this is a significant accomplishment for a basketball team, to go through a season undefeated. But as you all know, the job isn’t done,” said Baldwin. “This is really the season before the season.”

Baldwin, of course, takes pride on his principles and discipline in coaching Blue Eagles how to play team basketball.

But that doesn’t mean that the Fil-Kiwi mentor programs his squad to follow every plays during the game.

“There’s been a grave misconception about my basketball team,” Baldwin explained.

“When they talk about us being kind of super-efficient and almost robotic, I don’t think that people understand the amount of heart that it takes to build the basketball team that we have built, and the job particularly that this these five (Thirdy, Matt, Mike, Isaac, Adrian) seniors have done in that. This is a team that has a tremendous amount of heart because what determines heart.”

Baldwin would go on to praise the blue and white team as the hardest worker that he has coached for the past four decades.

“The sacrifices that these guys have made, this is the hardest practicing team that I’ve ever coached in 40 years.”

One could simply present statistics, theories, and other technological advancement in order for a team to be one step ahead from other competitors.

But the intagibles like the heart and dedication of every players cannot simply be measured by any critics or experts — and that’s what the Blue Eagles take pride on every games that they have played.

“That doesn’t come because you’re super disciplined or because you’re robotic guys that just do what you’re told. It’s driven by an unbelievable sense of determination, passion, belief in one another, and I think that’s what equates the heart,” Baldwin said.”