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This is why LeBron James badly misses home


LeBron James always lets his wife know how much he misses her.

The Cleveland Cavaliers star has been travelling around Asia in the past few weeks for his “Strive for Greatness” Tour 2017.

But the King simply can’t hide his homesickness from all his duties. In an Instagram post, James shared a picture of Savannah and expressed how much he misses his wife. In the caption, LBJ also says how he will spend his day with her when he gets home.

“Damn I miss you!! Can’t wait to get back home. Been a long trip for myself. Got a lot accomplished while gone but I’m ready to get to the Kingdom, see the cubs, curl up underneath you, watch a movie and recharge.,” the caption reads.

The 3-time NBA champ visited Philippines, Hong Kong and China for his basketball tour this September.