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Tim Cone praises Gilas women for capturing SEA Games gold


Tim Cone has all his attention now to the Gilas women’s basketball.

Although the men’s basketball team captured another gold in the 30th SEA Games, the Gilas interim head coach first praised the women’s team for claiming their first-ever gold medal in the tournament.

“The biggest story is the women’s basketball. The fact that we win is not as big of a story unlike the women stepping up and winning their first gold (in SEA Games) — that was amazing,” said the Ginebra coach.

It is no secret that the women’s basketball in the Philippines has lack of exposure and support, which is why the multi-titlist mentor praised the team for making it this far in the tournament.

“From where they started in this tournament, nobody was paying attention at all. They just starting beating one time after the other… they started with the 3-on-3,” Cone explained.

For Cone, he believes that the PH women’s basketball is just getting started, and he hopes to see them make a huge strides in the international level.

“The fact that they win the gold is now going to turn on all the country to women’s basketball, and there is so much room to grow. I think that we could be a force in Asia, not just in Southeast Asia.