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TNT manager on Santos’ monkey taunt: Racism has no place in sports


TNT management aired its disappointment over the racist slur of San Miguel’s Arwind Santos against KaTropa import Terrence Jones that marred a well-played PBA Commissioner’s Cup Finals series.

In a tweet, TNT and Gilas Pilipinas team manager Gabby Cui said the Katropa are saddened that Santos, who he describes as one who has “so much experience and championships” will resort to that kind of disrespectful antic.

Cui is referring to the monkey taunt Santos did on the San Miguel bench directed to Jones after the former NBA player committed a violation late in the second period of Game 5.

The TnT manager stressed that racism has no place in sports or even in life.

“Even via jokes or mind games,” he added.

At the same time, Cui urged the PBA to closely look into the incident.

“It’s not what our league is all about,” he said.

Santos refused to apologize and thinks highly of himself, saying that the gesture was just part of the mind games he’s employing in the ongoing title series.

Cui said Santos, a 14-year veteran and once named PBA MVP, should have known better.

“He should look at his own teammates before doing those actions. It’s disrespectful even to them,” said the TnT official.