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Too much ads? Chot Reyes’ tweet drew flak from netizens with recent FIBA blunder


By Mark Patriarca

The Australian squad already apologized for their uncalled-for act when they ripped off logo stickers from the stands. But from our friends on social media, looks like someone also has some explaining to do.

Gilas coach Chot Reyes was understandably upset by the recent FIBA fiasco which he posted on his Twitter account. Some was on his side, saying that it is just right for the Aussies to be called out for their action. But few of the comments were not surprised why the Aussies ripped off stickers, saying that there’s just “way too much ads” on the basketball floor.

Let’s try to compare both courts that were used for the Boomers vs Gilas clash last February to the ones we are regularly using here in the nation’s turf.

And here’s how the FIBA Gilas’ court is normally structured:

Seeing the photos, do you agree with some netizen thats this is a classic case of ‘ad overkill’? Share with us your thoughts.