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Torre’s rise to the PFL top post product of decade’s passion for football


By Kevin Estrada

PASIG — For Coco Torre, working his way up to the top post in the Philippines Football League was a process that started 10 years ago.

His rise saw similarities with PBA Commissioner Willie Marcial, who began his career in the country’s premier basketball league as a statistician in 1984, later working his way up to become the media bureau head, then deputy commissioner until he get the top post in 2018.

“It feels good to be trusted by the federation, by the LFI to run this league,” Torre said after his recent appointment as the league’s new commissioner at the House of Football culminated the rise of one of the game’s trusted administrators, having been with the old United Football League as a marketing manager way back in 2009.

Since then, he has been one of Pinoy football’s most recognizable officials, having been a media officer, match commissioner and competitions manager that saw him go to various places, with his most recent international stint came during the Asian Cup in the beginning of the year.

For him, he relishes the task at hand and charges it to his experience in both local and international side of the game, having recently graduated with distinction with the AFC Football Administration Certificate.

“I know it’s a challenging task, but I belive that we are equipped with the knowledge and experience as well,” he then said, knowing that it will not be possible without the cooperation of the seven clubs that signed up. “I am very confident that we will pull through and continue to grow the sport. It feels good to be in the position to serve football.”

Torre hopes that the third season of the league will get through the chaotic start to the season, knowing that the league is on track to guarantee a group stage spot in the AFC Champions League in two years’ time.

“Although the perception is messy, we are here to ensure that the league will be successful. We crunched the dates, we crunched the numbers and we are confident that we will be able to deliver a good, successful football league this year,” Torre concluded.