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Tyler Herro drives manual for the first time


Miami Heat rising star Tyler Herro can do it all on the court, but outside of it is a different story — especially when it comes to driving.

In Bleacher Report’s special Volkswagen ad, Herro admitted to host and former NBA player Nate Robinson that he never drove stick shift before, which is why the youngster got a chance to ride around the tracks with a Volkswagen Jetta GLI.

Herro was assisted by a professional race car driver, but the learning process was anything but smooth from the start.

The 20-year old did not even know that he had to step on the ‘clutch’ pedal.

Fortunately, Herro managed to learn how to drive a manual car at the end of his driving experience and he even barely accomplished the 1:30 driving challenge by a second with 1:31 on the clock.