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Uh-Oh! A Spiker is Getting Dragged to an Alleged Rape Attempt


An established celebrity gossip site even replied a clue to THIS tweet.

Rumors about a certain volleyball player who attempted to rape a girl were already circulating online. Just then, a tweet from SportsUpdate Twitter account claimed that, “Isang volleyball player may attempted rape sa isang condo sa qc pinapunta niya ang girl sa condo niya dahil nandun daw yung kapatid niya kaya nag punta ang girl wala naman pala tao Di akalain ng girl na pag tatangkaan siya ng volleyball player.”

This even prompted Fashion PULIS, a celebrity gossip site to reply to the said thread with a mind-boggling question.

Rape is serious. People who have been raped can be traumatized for life. Also, false rape accusations may result to serious consequences.