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Uh-Oh! Dindin and Chico Manabat Celebrate Different Anniversary


We’re getting more and more confused with Dindin and Chico Manabat’s celebration. We just hope that this won’t lead to some LQ.

It all started with Dindin Santiago-Manabat’s sweet post with a caption: “Happy 2 @kots_chico i love you!❤️”

However, Chico Manabat replied with, “Imiss my wifey ,happee 8 years and 1mth to be exact hehehehe iloveyou so much see you soon asawa ko at miss na miss kana ni bulilit ndi na xa iiyak palagi sa gabi at hahanapin si mami big D nya 😘😘😘”

Wait, what? Was it really 8 years and 1 month or 8 years and 2 months?!

Apparently, we’re not alone with this confusion as Jaja Santiago commented with: “Hala na kulang ng isang buwan 😂😂 sa 8 yrs and 2 months nasaan ang isang buwan don? 😂😅”

Now, we’re REALLY perplexed!

But don’t worry. They say that forgetting is human. LOL!

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Happy 2 @kots_chico i love you!❤️

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