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Uh-oh… Non-Gilas players who participated in the FIBA BasketBrawl


By Mark Patriarca

Nine Gilas players were thrown out of the game for being very physical against the Australian squad. Aside from these nine, there are some who also had a piece of action on what was deemed as “FIBA Basketbrawl.”

Peter Aguilar

For those of you who are not familiar with Peter Aguilar, he is a former PBA player who played for Ginebra back in his heydays. But he is most known for being the supportive father of Gilas stalwart Japeth Aguilar, being always seen on the stands whenever his son has a game.

This time, he decided to have a share of the spotlight together with his son as he throws a chair, which according to PBA field statistician Fidel Mangonon III was “a very solid and heavy chair”, towards an Aussie player during the brawl.

Jio Jalalon

Technically, Jio Jalalon belongs to the Gilas pool, however, he was not part of the 12-man roster fielded for the Gilas-Australia bout. But nevertheless, he still managed to have a participation in the “battle” by sneakily throwing a haymaker right in the jaw of Aussie Nathan Sobey which was unfortunate for him, captured directly by a lensman.

Look closely on the man in gray (Jalalon) as he gave Sobey a solid hook.

Jong Uichico

Gilas assistant coach Jong Uichico won’t let his squad be outnumbered as he hurriedly joined the fight, throws a prop, then proceeds to heaving punches on a fallen Chris Goulding.

He since then apologized for his actions citing that his “emotions got the better of him like a father who cares about his sons.”