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UP coach Bo Perasol emphasizes on Team play over Talent


The UP Fighting Maroons just couldn’t handle the UST Growling Tigers throughout the game, which is why they succumbed to a 69-85 beating on Saturday.

UP head coach Bo Perasol was quick to admit that they were not able to adjust defensively, which ultimately led to an 11-0 berserk en route to a 16-point triumph.

“We don’t deserve to win that game. Plain and simple — UST just outplayed us,” said Perasol.

“It just showed the crack on our team and what we need to address.“

Despite being tagged as one of the top dogs in the league, the former PBA coach also shared that the team should not rely on talent alone.

“We need to share the ball more. We really need to really play good defense,” Perasol stated.

“It’s like watching everybody. We’re trying to watch everybody make things happen. If Juan makes a shot, Ricci makes the shot, Bright makes the shot, we’re all watching them and hoping that things will happen the right way,” he added.

“That’s the tendency when you know you have very good teammates but at the end of this you know that you have very good opponents also. So we have to find a way to make things work, make things happen for us.”

All is not lost for the Season 81 runner-up, as they could still make it all up in their next game against Adamson on September 15.

“The good thing about that is it is very early, and we were able to survive FEU. We’re still 1-and-1,” Perasol quipped.