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UP coach Perasol draws criticisms from netizens; opens up about future with Maroons


The UP Fighting Maroons failed to reach the lofty expectations that were set on them — which is to make a return trip to the Finals.

UP did not only waste their chance on banking on their key players, but they were not able to capitalize on their twice-to-beat incentive against UST Growling Tigers.

Because of Maroons’ underwhelming season, the netizens were quick to criticize one man from UP — which is none other head coach Bo Perasol.

These fans just scrutinized Coach Bo’s inability to form a cohesive unit despite boasting a talent-ladden roster, and all of them are asking Perasol to step down as UP’s main tactician.

Interestingly, even Coach Bo himself wants to take a break first, but his fate with UP is still up to the management.

“For me, kung tatanungin mo ako, gusto ko na lang magpahinga at manood eh,” he said.

“It’s something that I have to talk with the UP administration and management.”

Regardless, Perasol thinks that the program itself is solid enough to withstand any changes in the team.

“But the most important aspect of that is that we are in a direction that is progressing. It doesn’t matter who is going to lead, whether I’m going to be here or not.”