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UST Tigresses’ Sisterhood Goes Viral


Sissies for life!

The camaraderie of the UST Tigresses trended on Twitter wherein Rica Rivera was spotted doing a mundane, yet thoughtful gesture to Janel Delerio.

For most UST volleyball fans, their simple act of kindness to each other, simply shows how well the team strengthened and solidified with each other.

Delerio appreciates her big sis, Rivera, who is tying a bun on her hair. To which she tweeted, “That’s my ate Rica 💛 yung feeling na yung mga actions niya di na kailangan e-explain kasi i can feel na “when you’re lost don’t worry i’m here babawian at tutulungan kita” and lagi niya akong gina-guide and nireremind sa tamang galaw. Love my ate rica so much! 💕”

This made the fans of the fierce Tigresses in tears as they commended how the squad has really changed – for the better.